The Third Secret of Fatima

In the 80s, in Switzerland, a victim soul was subjected to an expiatory demonic possession, during which demons were forced to denounce modernism, and to reveal a plot at the Vatican: the replacement of Pope Paul VI with a double in 1972, the exact year predicted by the seer Jacinta of Fatima; but this prophecy has been forgotten or described as apocryphal. On June 26th, 2000, the Vatican published the so-called Third Secret, and many persons affirmed – with good reason – that it was a false document. Thus, what is the way to know the true Secret? Admittedly, the newspaper Neues Europa had published a version of it on October 15th, 1963, but it specified that the essential part of the Secret had been removed. Therefore, how could we find back this part? The present book explains that the revelations of an Italian privileged soul, Teresa Musco (stigmatized), most probably allow to reconstruct the true Third Secret, which is related to the replacement of Paul VI with a double. I prove that this Pope is still in life, despite his great age, and that he will reappear at the Vatican.

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